PHILLIPI – Cape Town 05-04-2014

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We visited Mama Rose in Phillipi a while ago, and we promised we’d visit again, so we arranged with her that we’d come there this weekend. We also decided to get our friends from Nyanga involved. So Vraj and Damodhar picked them up and met the rest of the Food for Life team in Phillipi.

Vraj, Damodhar and the Nyanga kids went on “walkabout” in the streets of Phillipi, singing and dancing up a storm. Along with Mama Funeka, Ntutu, and other local Phillipi residents, the Nyanga kids were then treated to a scrumptious vegetarian meal, expertly cooked by Nilesh, and dished out by Driti, Sveta, ably assisted by Rob, Sarasvati and Vraj.

Phillipi, founded in the 1980s, is one of the larger townships in Cape Town, although the exact size is unknown. According to the 2011 census, approximately 191 000 people live in Phillipi. It is known to grow about 80% of Cape Town’s vegetables in the farmlands just outside the township. Food for Life Cape Town met Mama Rose through Food Pod, a social enterprise that tackles the challenge of providing food security to disadvantaged communities in a financially sustainable way. Mama Rosie is a recognized community leader in Philippi. She founded the Sakhulwasi Women’s Group to bring new hope and opportunity to her community. She has a great passion for uplifting women, especially through entrepreneurial activities.

After the feeding, the kids from Nyanga, and thereafter the kids from Phillipi, treated us to a vibrant song-and-dance which they choreographed themselves. What a great day out…there was so much love, laughter and smiles…

Until next week…