A PICTURE CAN SPEAK A THOUSAND WORDS – and here is evidence of it.


The 2015 Diwali Charity Drive distribution took place on Saturday, 7th November 2015. A convoy of vehicles, headed towards both Northdale and Copesville at about 9:00AM.

The hampers were so substantial that more vehicles needed to be sourced. Packing of the hampers took place on Friday afternoon and continued late into the night.

The meals that were prepared by Food for Life, were still piping hot, as the volunteers left Thornville, abound with enthusiasm and haste, in trying to beat the heat of the day.

Gratitude, joy, appreciation and bewilderment are some words that come to mind, as, one by one, the families received their hampers. The joy was starkly evident in the eyes of the children, as they scurried for the fireworks and other goodies, packed especially for them. A scene that would surely bring a tear to your eye.

And this is where your donation comes in. It is due to your open heart and willingness to assist another human being, that this Charity Drive was such a resounding success! We are thankful for your commitment and dedication to this worthy cause, without which, 40 families would not have experienced such joy this Diwali.

May this message bring you and your family deserved blessings this Diwali. May the light continue to shine in your hearts and homes, knowing that you have provided light to many more, in countless ways.

May you be blessed always