On Saturday 3rd March 2018, Food for Life Cape Town successfully hosted our 3rd free community eye clinic.

This was in conjunction with VisionSpring, Essilor, HWPL, IPYG and Tafelsig Secondary.  Leon Smith helped recruit most of the 60 volunteers, who bravely gave up their Saturday morning to come attend training, which started at 7am!  Ruschda O’ Shea, Principal at Tafelsig Secondary, put word out and expertly managed the venue and all the logistics.

Locals started filling the waiting area from 7am, and by 9am the place was abuzz.   Rus from Essilor gave the training, and once this was done, the eye clinic got underway.  Once we started, we didn’t stop until the last of the members of public had been helped, which was just after 3pm.  In total, approximately 400 people were tested, with just over 300 of them receiving quality eye glasses (at a cost of only R30 each).  Employees from Essilor were on hand all day to dispense advice.

Meanwhile, back at the Food for Life kitchen, HEAD CHEF NILOO cooked up the delicious 2,000 plates of food, some of which was delivered to the eye clinic mid-day. BIG thanks to our lovely family of volunteers who served, all those involved with the eye testing, and many other unnamed souls who made the day so special:

Professor Shaugnessy from Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Ruschda O’ Shea, Aunty Fatima, Venecia and the Tafelsig Secondary SGB and staff

David, Sizwe, Celiah and HWPL

Chipo and amazing IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) volunteers

Essilor: Rus, Vash, Ismail, Maggie, Abdul

Leon and Vanessa Smith

Stemray Lesch, Sharmoney Wilson, Roschele Wilson

Sudesh Ranjit, Kavita Ranjit, Aarti Ranjit and friend, Warren Geldenhuys

Reggie, Christian, Danielle

Sveta Deva, Nilesh Luckhoo, Devaki Luckhoo Gihwala, Druti Jeram, Pravika Singh (who stayed until after 3pm to test some late-comer patients – THANKS P J)

We also sent food to Night Haven Shelters, Elsies River (distributed by Bae, Gerard and Jep) and Eastridge (distributed by Jacky Bekker and hubby).

If you’d like to be part of our family, please don’t hesitate to join us. Please also get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved at management level – we meet once a fortnight to discuss strategy and logistics. Also, we need help with media, publicity, marketing, fundraising, etc. We currently require another van, new food crates, help with social media, a new kitchen site and equipment, someone to cook for us during the week….so there are MANY ways in which you could assist.

So, another great serve-out. Until next week… take care and lotsa love…