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Pook se Bos Informal Settlement

FoodForLife : October 13, 2013 12:42 pm : capetown, Feeding, Uncategorized

Food for Life  Cape Town recently visited Pook se Bos, a small informal settlement on a private land in Pooke Road, Athlone, consisting of roughly 200 informal homes housing about 800 people.  Volunteers who took part in this event are: Anna Isaacs, Driti Gihwala, Kim Tulip-Finlay, Robert, Damodhar Muhayimana, Matthew Pretorius, Madan Gopal Das, Nilesh Luckhoo, Jason Finlay, Tulasi Finlay, Arjuna Finlay and Naynesh Deva.  Approximately 60 plates of food were served. The team then visited Phillippi, a relatively new township in Cape Town housing approximately 190,000 people.  Another 90 plates of food were distributed. At both sites, volunteers and local residents (kids and adults alike) joined in merry singing, dancing and playing.

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Feeding at Nyanga, Cape Town

FoodForLife : October 5, 2013 12:49 pm : capetown, Feeding, Uncategorized

This feeding took place on 28th September in Nyanga, Cape Town. We distributed just over a hundred plates. The feeding was sponsored by Madury Jeram and her two sons Sanjay and Vishaal. In total we had 13 people helping out with the feeding.


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ACSA Donation announcement

FoodForLife : September 14, 2013 6:57 pm : capetown, Endorsements, Uncategorized

Food for Life Cape Town (FFL CT) has recently affiliated with Food for Life South Africa, and subsequently been tasked with expanding our presence and positive impact in Cape Town and surrounds. In order to achieve this, FFL CT is dependent on donations – to date, we have been blessed with food and money donations from some very generous individuals.

FFL CT’s Nilesh Luckhoo and Driti Gihwala, joined by ACSA’s Gareth Bain
FFL CT’s Nilesh Luckhoo and Driti Gihwala, joined by ACSA’s Gareth Bain


We have recognised the necessity, though, of approaching corporates for sponsorship. This has to be approached with much sensitivity and diplomacy. FFL CT has strived to be perceived as a non-sectarian organisation, and as a reward, we have been successful in our first corporate sponsorship application – FFL CT was recently awarded a R10,000 donation from Airports Company South Africa’s (ACSA) Cape Town branch, in the form of a Makro shopping voucher. This was due in large part to ACSA employee Balkrishna Dilraj, who nominated us as his preferred charity. FFL CT’s Nilesh Luckhoo and Driti Gihwala joined ACSA representative Gareth Bain on Friday 6th September 2013 for some ‘retail therapy’, stocking up on much-needed equipment for our FFL kitchen.
May this be the start of something auspicious and beneficial to all local communities.


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