Nelson Mandela remembered

Celebrating 95 years with free food feeding frenzy

On 23 April 1997, the then state president of South Africa addressed the Food for Life festival and suggested that whenever he is with young people he feels like a recharged battery and looked forward to the youth to lead South Africa into the future.  He stressed that children of South Africa need to be protected and they should not go hungry.  He applauded Food for Life for its humanitarian initiative in creating hunger free zones and referred to these endeavours as being in the true spirit of Maskhane as envisaged by the democratic government.

Some 16 years later Food for Life has enduringly upheld its vision to distribute warmly prepared vegan food to about 4 000 school children daily.

On his 95th birthday 95 pots will be used to cook for 25 000 children.  The distribution will include the poorer quintiled schools and schools who have no access to the department’s feeding scheme.

nelson mandela