Pook se Bos Informal Settlement

Food for Life  Cape Town recently visited Pook se Bos, a small informal settlement on a private land in Pooke Road, Athlone, consisting of roughly 200 informal homes housing about 800 people.  Volunteers who took part in this event are: Anna Isaacs, Driti Gihwala, Kim Tulip-Finlay, Robert, Damodhar Muhayimana, Matthew Pretorius, Madan Gopal Das, Nilesh Luckhoo, Jason Finlay, Tulasi Finlay, Arjuna Finlay and Naynesh Deva.  Approximately 60 plates of food were served. The team then visited Phillippi, a relatively new township in Cape Town housing approximately 190,000 people.  Another 90 plates of food were distributed. At both sites, volunteers and local residents (kids and adults alike) joined in merry singing, dancing and playing.