Philippi Cape Town

A rain-soaked day did not stop a small Food for Life team consisting of Rob, Nilesh, Driti and Naynesh to get into the spirit of service yet again. We visited our friends in Phillipi again. Despite the bitterly cold South Easters the team forged ahead in the hope that we will be able to distribute all the food that we had prepared.  Surprisingly, the residents braved the cold weather and came to us in small groups and with big smiles. We got lessons in Xhosa, and Driti even managed to get three marriage proposals from a group of 10-year-olds. Each of them promised her ten cows for Lobola! The day went beyond the food distribution as the team was drawn into the hearts and lives of this food insecure community.  It was undoubtedly an enjoyable day in spite of being swathed by the wind and rain.  Congratulations to Chef Nilesh Luckhoo, who prepared the meal all by himself.  It was an outstanding first time endeavor – a Masterchef in the making!  The food was indisputably delicious!