Overcome Heights (near Muizenberg) Cape Town

This past weekend Food for Life Cape Town visited Overcome Heights (near Muizenberg).  “Where Rainbows Meet” director Mymoena Scholtz kindly made arrangements for us to enlist volunteers from the area.  Cooking was done by Damodhar and Nilesh, and began the journey with a cheerful group of volunteers: Mrs Luckhoo, Vasudeva, Anna Isaacs, Kim Tulip-Finlay, Rob, Saraswati Devi and BrhatMrdanga Das.  Whilst the hot, delicious food was being served out by Anna, Rob, Mrs Luckhoo and Tulasi, Brhat engaged the crowd with his awesome drumming and it was not long when we had a large group of residents joyfully singing and dancing with us.

Located behind Capricorn, Overcome Heights is an extension of the township. This community is one of the most racially and culturally diverse communities in the Southern Peninsula area of Cape Town with a mix of black, white, coloured, Asian, Indian and members from other African sectors. The settlement was started in 2006.  This is our second feeding session and the residents are always happy and grateful to see us.  We also distributed a large number of toys and children’s clothes, kindly donated by Manoj.