Human Rights Day

Food for Life Western region received a call from Malvern Childrens Home on Friday 21st March and the Western Team reciprocated by  spending Human Rights day with these much deserving Kids .

Needless to say that serving the kids was truly  awesome ! and they  appreciated the program arranged for them with innocence and sincerity with Haley singing melodious songs and playing many  games with the kids  , which culminated into FFL serving out delicious   Soya Hot dogs which was kindly sponsored by Frys  ( the kids really loved the hot dogs and came back for seconds and thirds )    Chilled Litchi Flavored Aquartz  water sponsored by Janet Burgess from  Clover SA was also a real hit with the thirsty kids who felt the Aquartz water really refreshing and satisfying after a hard day of play on the fields , Chocolate bars , sweets , Ice cream &  lunch boxes  etc proved to be an afternoon of real delight for the Kids .

It was truly encouraging to note that the Orphanage housed kids of all races and the Intrinsic fundamental qualities of love , kindness , respect , religion  and basic human rights were indoctrinated and well demonstrated  with much care to all the kids on a wonderful  way ensuring  that the kids developed into well balanced exponents of our Rainbow  society – Naturally ,  Food for Life , Frys and Clover SA  were thrilled to be a part of this Child development program and will continue to support and underpin core development programs of this nature , thus adding quality to the lives of people at grass root level .

Thanks to Team ! and our own FFL Sponsors .. we could not have done it without your involvement .


Prakash Ramburan