Riverview Sports day 25 th April

The FFL Team was once again fortunate to be able to serve the Cane side Primary school with abt 600 plates of hot meals and drinks in lieu of their sports day today . The school serves a large population of indigent learners who hail from Palmview, Zwelisha, Shastri Park and even, as far away as Amaoti.

A biostudy of this school revealed that many of the learners have either one or both parents deceased, have only 1 meal a day, have no electricity or piped water etc and as a result of the above, the collection of school fees is an onerous affair and the school do not fully receive their expected income for the year.

Food for life Western region felt obliged to reciprocate to School Principals request for assistance – Our Phoenix based team , headed by Kavesh and Family was able to manage the Operation smoothly .

Well done guys !!! much appreciated and please keep up the good work .

Prakash Ramburan