This week, Food for Life Cape Town visited Overcome Heights.  The residents of Overcome Heights had been without electricity since the night before, and many of the kids hadn’t eaten since the day before.  We could tell from the hungry looks on their faces, how desperate they were for food.

Majority of the kids, we discovered, are also without basic medical care – many had open, bleeding wounds and sores.  Yet, despite this, we still got smiles and laughs from them.

Thanks to Damodhar for cooking up the lovely food, and thanks also to Mymoena Scholtz (from Where Rainbows Meet), and local co-ordinators Karen and Fozie for doing such a good job of co-ordinating the feeding.

Every time we chat with Mymoena, she tells us how desperate the situation is in Overcome Heights and neighboring Vrygrond.  Food for Life is looking to increase our weekly feedings.  Please contact us urgently if you’d like to assist.

Until next week…