Phillipi – Cape Town

This past weekend Food for Life Cape Town visited Mama Rose in Phillipi. We decided to do another big feeding, and once again, our AWESOME cooks Damodhar and Nilesh prepared 500 delicious vegetarian meals – the 2 of them started cooking at 6am!  We had some lovely volunteers, Bhavna and Hitesh, who joined us early in the morning.   By 12pm we were heading to Mama Rose with a big group of volunteers, including Rob, Travis, Khabeer, Rajesh, Saraswati, Heena…and of course, our early birds Bhavna and Hitesh.  The weather was icy, despite the sun being out, so well done to our volunteers who brought loads of warmth, love and smiles to the excited Phillipi residents.  There was lots of singing and dancing, to the point where some of us were on the verge of losing our voices.  Despite this though, EVERYONE had a BLAST, including the kids, who didn’t want us to leave.

As with other areas, Mama Rose was grateful for us coming, but hopeful that we can come more often and with more food.  She had tears in her eyes whilst thanking us for our efforts.

PLEASE, please help Food for Life Cape Town to increase our feedings – there is such a great need.