Last weekend, Food for Life Cape Town were planning to visit Nyanga…however, we were alerted to the desperate situation of residents of informal settlement Nomzamo (near Strand) who’ve had their homes demolished and are being housed in nearby community centres.  We made arrangements with Reverend Fumanekile Gura to feed 500 souls at Nomzamo Community Centre.  However, details were sketchy, and we had no idea what to expect.

When we got to Nomzamo, the centre was empty, and some of us started panicking – what would we do with all the food if there’s no-one around.  However, we were soon reassured that the residents would shortly be back, as they’d gone to the demolition site to try and salvage whatever belongings they could still use.  So there was time to chat and relax for a few minutes, before the rush of bodies queuing to get a hot, delicious meal.

The food was once again expertly prepared by Damodhar and Nilesh, both of whom had been cooking since early the morning.  We had some lovely new volunteers, Stacey, Kriska, Megan, Lucky, Byron and Callum, as well as some regulars: Saraswati, Rob, Heena, Travis, Sasha, Rajesh and of course our good friend Todd.  The volunteers had a really good time, and everyone enjoyed the food…and once again, many of the kids were hanging onto us as we were leaving, hoping we’d stay longer and play more with them.

Before we left, we met with some people from other aid organisations, and they appealed to us to visit their local areas.  We didn’t make any promises, but were once again reminded of the need our there, and how much more our efforts are needed.

PLEASE, please help Food for Life Cape Town to increase our feedings.