The western region was able to service the MPOLA CLINIC on Friday and successfully distributed 400 plates of relishing meals to the needy and Sick Patients , mainly Children . It was phenomenal to notice how enthusiastic the recipients of these meals were and the Team felt that the endeavor was well worth the efforts as the patrons here were really burdened with ill health which is generally aggravated by hunger .

On Sunday , the Team partnered with the local community and we distributed approx 800 plates of Hot meals , hampers ,and clothing to the destitute residents of Malagasi .. The program was hugely successful and we were able to put a smile back onto the faces of the many poverty stricken locals and gained an overall satisfaction that the resources received from our wonderful sponsors were put into the best possible use .

Thank you Sponsors , Please continue to support us , so we may reach out to the needy .