12-07-2014 PHILLIPI

This past weekend, Food for Life Cape Town visited Mama Rose in Khayamandi.  Nilesh and Khabeer cooked up a storm, preparing 500 plates of steaming vegetarian food.  They were also assisted by Rajesh, and for prepping we had the help of the lovely Sian and Radhika.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when we reached a quiet Phillipi – it turned out many of the locals were attending a funeral elsewhere.  Nonetheless, we managed to serve up about 250 plates of food.  We then headed to a nearby community upliftment project site which Mama Rose is involved with.  Here we fed another 250 hungry locals, helped by volunteers Rob, Prevan and the young, awesome Reece.

Whilst there, we chatted with Peter, who heads up the project…we found Peter to be very sharp-minded and entrepreneurial.  He’s been implementing innovative projects in Cape Town for over 10 years, and many people are benefitting from his hard work and pioneering developments.

So, another great (and VERY insightful) feeding.  Keep an eye out for news about our Mandela Day plans…next week guarantees to be another great opportunity to get involved with something amazing…