Mandela Day

It’s been 24 years since Mandela was released from prison. To mark the occasion, Food for Life South Africa committed to serving 20,000 hot vegetarian meals throughout the various centres in South Africa. Food for Life Cape Town rose to the occasion, marking our commitment to continually increase our feedings by preparing over 1,300 plates of food, our highest number in recent years.

We made arrangements with Mymoena Scholtz (director of Where Rainbows Meet) to serve in Overcome Heights, an informal settlement near Muizenberg, and she organised a cosy, dry venue for us from which to serve – just as well, as it was really storming (just like it did on Mandela Day last year).

We had over 150kg of raw vegetables to clean and cut – fortunately, Gladys Joyce arranged some help from Angel Wings (an organisation based in the Cape and doing really good work for the local communities from which they operate) Thursday afternoon, and we had another group of volunteers help us prep Thursday evening. At Food for Life we love celebrations and sharing the love, so we also arranged a little party for Reece, our youngest volunteer – he celebrated his 11th birthday, and there was lovely cakes and treats for all in attendance.

Friday morning the cooking started – we were extremely honoured to have the likes of Mamatamayi and Divyan (experienced cooks of the highest calibre) preparing the food, and they were very ably assisted by Nilesh, Rajesh, Khabeer and Driti. We then set out, once again in cold, wet and windy weather. Despite the miserable weather, and having to manoeuvre through little rivers and mud, our chirpy family of volunteers maintained high spirits and dished up the delicious food, spreading the love and joy, as is evident from the smiles all around.

So, another major milestone for Food for Life Cape Town – not only our biggest feeding, but we also dropped off food in Nyanga, Phillipi and Manenberg on the same day. Many thanks to all those involved: Syamananda, Prema Lila, Neela, Gladys Joyce, Mamatamayi, Divyan, Rajesh, Vijay, Santosh, Reece,Tammy, Rooshda, Darryn, Connie, Alamay, Gilly, Berry, Liam, Rob, Regina, Travis, Aunty Rooh…and well-deserved praise to Driti, Nilesh and Khabeer for getting all the logistics, preparations and co-ordination perfectly right – hats off to them for working so hard and pulling it all together so nicely – I’m SO proud of you guys.

Food for Life is not just a team – we’re a FAMILY.