Hanover Park

This past weekend, Food For Life Cape Town visited Hanover Park. It was a bright sunny day, and we were fortunate to have a big group of chirpy, happy volunteers. The food was great, the volunteers were great, and the locals enjoyed the excellent food and warm, friendly company.

The food was cooked, expertly and lovingly as always, by Nilesh, who had great help in the form of Michael and Rajesh. All prepping was taken care of by Michael and Nilesh, and on Saturday, we had the plea…sure of being accompanied on our feeding by Neela, Tara (from Louis Trichardt), Steve and Shomal (all the way from Canada),Michael, Travis, as well as our awesome youngsters Yuvaraj and Anjani. We had great live music provided by Perez, Vasanthi and Sarasvati. Barbara and Aunty Moena from Hanover Park kindly hosted us.

So, another great, fun, vibey feeding, well appreciated by the locals. Please get in touch with us to find out more about how you can get involved.

Take care until next week.