Shoprite/ Checkers support ‘Food for Life’ grocery drive


Food for Life will be hosting a grocery drive in the following stores, Shoprite in Chatsworth Centre, Malvern and the Phoenix Plaza and Checkers situated in The Ridge Shallcross and Scottsburgh town centre. Pinky Naidoo, public relations officer at Shoprite said, “As a retailer, it is part of our social responsibility to get involved in initiatives such as these.” Food for Life South Africa is urging all businesses and community members to come forward and support their grocery drive on August 30 and 31. The items that are required are rice, oil, semolina, dhall and beans. Vijay Maharaj, CEO of the Rising Sun Community Newspapers is challenging all businesses to match the amount of groceries collected in one hour as the Rising Sun did in the previous grocery drive.
Steve Chokalingum of the Rotary Club of Chatsworth applauds Food for Life for their great work in the community. “The leadership at Food for Life really make a huge difference in the community,” Chokalingum added.
Seema Maharaj, the public relations officer at Food for Life, is urging the community to get involved in this worthy cause. “We would like to increase the number of plates we distribute from 5, 000 to 8, 000 and we can only achieve this with the support of the public,” said Maharaj.