After the distribution of 11750 plates on the Mandela Day celebration, with the involvement of many more volunteers the Kwa-Dukuza Food for Life team continued their distribution in the month of August.

On 25th July 2014– 850 plates of food was prepared and distributed by the Kwa-Dukuza Child Welfare in the rural area of Doringkop. Another 150 plates was collected by Millicent and distributed to the Chawini Crèche.

A week later on 30th July another 1000 plates were prepared and distributed by Rinesh Singh and Vusi at the Steve Biko Township. Dasrath Harilall helped with distribution.



The following Monday on the 4th of August 2014 a 1000 plates were distributed to the Zamani Township together with volunteers Vinoed, Prabha, Soni and assisted by Babu. The volunteers were very excited and also gave us a donation and promised to assist us at our next feeding program. Babu prepared the meals together with Rinesh Singh and distribution was done by Dasrath Harilall and Babu.

The next day 5th August 2014 Nishana Sampath together with Pinky prepared 1000 plates which were distributed by the Stanger Child Welfare to the Melville area.

On the 6th August 2014 Harry and Beena Mahdey prepared meals at the Food for Life kitchen. 200 plates was collected by Millicent and taken to the Chawini Creche and 300 plates were fed to learners of St. Christophers Primary School.

On Monday 11th of August 2014 Child Welfare collected meals for a 1000 people and distributed in the Mgigimbe area, meals were prepared by Babu Sampath and Vinoed Shiopersad.

On the 14th of August 2014 a 1000 plates were prepared at the Food for Life kitchen by Babu. 250 Plates was collected by Bikram Singh and distributed at the Market Plaza. The other 750 plates was delivered to Etete by Vinoed Shiopersad and distributed to the Community and school children by Mr. and Mrs. Sham and family members.




This is one of our new volunteers who teamed up with us post Mandela Day celebration. They are constantly assisting us with donations and have pledged to distribute meals on a weekly basis in the poverty stricken areas in the Etete community together with friends and family members. They have also pledged to take care of all logistics and costs for that day. Many thanks must go to this group of people. We hope to form new partnerships with people like these and try to distribute 5 days a week.



On the 19th August 2014 1250 plates was prepared by Nishana and assisted by Nomsa. Meals were collected by Lungelo of Child Welfare and distributed in the Shombela area in Melville.

On the next day a 1000 meals were prepared and again taken to the Etete area and distributed by Mr. and Mrs Sham and members of the community close to a play ground in the area. The community together with the school children enjoyed themselves. We had about 8 volunteers assisting us in the distribution of meals on this day. Meals were prepared by Babu and assisted by Preshen Singh.

On the 26th of August 2014 1250 plates were prepared by Nishana, assisted by Pinky and collected by the community members of Etete and distributed by our volunteers to the school children and community members of poor areas.



Two days later on the 28th August 2014 a 1000 plates was prepared by Babu, assisted by Buds and Sushiela and was distributed in the Stewards and New Guelderland area.

With women’s month coming to an end that being our last feeding for August.

With a cost of about R3000 for a 1000 plates a day, we are proud to say that at least 70% of our cost was sponsored by the volunteers and sponsors as we are getting more and more volunteers to assist in the preparation and distribution of meals.

Our task with our feeding programme has become much easier with all the assistance networking with these volunteers and will also make our goal to feed 5 days a week a reality soon.

Our committee together with Harry Mahdey is also doing a sterling job of enticing more volunteers and securing donations for our current projects and major projects in the future. Well done to our team.

Our team together with volunteers are busy planning to distribute 15000 plates of meals on the 11th October 2014 which we named Day of Light over Darkness celebration. All volunteers are excited and looking forward in helping us in achieving our objective on this day. We plan to form partnerships with different organisations which will allow us to do at least 4 major feeding projects a year.

We sincerely thank all the women who assisted us this month and helped make the Kwa-Dukuza Food for Life branch to distribute a total of 11000 plates of meals in the month dedicated to women.