This past weekend, Food for Life Cape Town visited Khayamandi.  Our resident chef Nilesh’s Biryani was AWESOME.  He was also helped by Rajesh.  We set out for Stellenbosch late morning and headed off to Khayamandi.  The first spot we went to, the locals were somewhat hesitant to take our food.  At the next spot we went to, the residents swarmed to us.  We had good food…and good music thanks to Perez.

This feeding was VERY GENEROUSLY sponsored in FULL by Mr Anand Yedulla, on behalf of his son Parthiv Reddy Yeddula, who celebrated his 6th birthday the next day, Sunday the 26th October.  Instead of buying his son presents, Mr Yedulla decided to do sponsor us – what a magnanimous gesture.  Not only that, Mr Yedulla, his wife Susmitha and their son Parthiv also joined us for the feeding, and did a great job of serving with loving smiles. THANKS to the Yedulla family, as well as our other volunteers who joined in the feeding:  Saraswati, Neela, Zara, Gauranga, Ramaanandini, Thando.  Also, thanks to our Khayamandi co-ordinators Mr Madiba and his nephew Mzuisi.

So, another happy feeding.  Take care all you lovely people.