This weekend’s feeding was nothing short of GLORIOUS!! Nilesh and Khabeer did a great job of cooking. We had a constant stream of volunteers joining us, and when we set off, we were a merry convoy of 3 vehicles and 20 volunteers. As soon as we’d set up in Hanover Park, we found ourselves slap bang in the middle of a hundreds-plus throng of pro-peace-marchers, being escorted through parts of Hanover Park by the SAPS.

The locals thoroughly enjoyed our breyani and dhal. We even gave out chocolates, which were kindly sponsored by Dewchoc in Athlone. And to top it off, we had AWESOME music headed up by Vraj and Perez. Kids and adults alike (including an 80 year old lady) danced and sang at the top of their lungs. We even had an acrobat!! Sneha got along so well with the kids that they wouldn’t let go of her.

A GREAT BIG thank you to our AWESOME family of volunteers: Khabeer, Travis, Heena, Terushka, Deleon, Lee-Ann, Saraswati, Tracey (and baby), Lameez, Perez, Michael, Sveta, Sneha, Francisca, Mrs Luckhoo, Zara and HG Vraj. Thanks also to our community liaisons Gladys and Aunty Moena.

If you’d like to be part of our family, please come join us ANYTIME