Grabouw and Nyanga

This weekend, Food for Life Cape Town visited the picturesque Grabouw, specifically the area called Pineview. It was a really hot day, and the kids were already waiting for us by the time we arrived. Perhaps because of the heat, the feeding went really quickly, with most of the locals dispersing after being served, rushing to get out of the sun. Afterwards, we chatted with Gladys from Angel Wings and with local community co-ordinator Aunty Poppy.

We also had the privilege of being accompanied by Brendan Fraser. For those of you who don’t know, Brendan just completed a SOLO walk from Jo’burg to Cape Town in 17 days to raise funds and awareness for NGOs close to his heart! What an amazing, inspiring accomplishment. Brendan plans to do more of these walks, with Food for Life hopefully being a regular beneficiary.

In addition to the Grabouw feeding, Vraj did a feeding in Nyanga where, as always, he was greeted with joy and fondness. Also, we were asked by OWL shelter for homeless in Lansdowne to help them, so Nilesh kindly took some breyani to them.

So, another great feeding with 750 plates of delicious breyani being lovingly served up. Thanks to Nilesh for cooking up a really tasty offering. Thanks also to our lovely family of volunteers: Terushka, Neela, Francisca, Friedrich, Zara, Gladys, Aunty Poppy, Sneha, Brendan and Gillian (Grabouw team), as well as the AWESOME Vraj, Lameez, Saraswati and Michael (Nyanga team). Thanks also to our friends at the Epping market who generously donated 4 boxes of fresh, juicy plums.