500,000th Plate of Food for FFL Cape Town

On Saturday 14th March 2020, Food for Life Cape Town visited our friends in Hanover Park.

Sveta cooked the delicious 3,400 plates of food.  BIG thanks to our lovely family of volunteers and community co-ordinators, who helped distribute the meals with love and devotion:  Rateeqah, Pranlal, Laxmi, Nimla, Radhika, Anjali and Darshan.

Today, we distributed our 500,000th plate of food since 2013 (i.e. half a million) . For our small team, this is quite a significant milestone. We hope and pray that with God’s Grace, and the continued support of our volunteers, donors, distribution partners and well-wishers, we can continue our humble service for many more years to come.  It’s taken us 7 years to reach half a million, and our aim is to reach the next half million within 3 years from now. We humbly beg for your blessings and support in this regard.

A word of thanks to our sponsors for today, Amit Raga (who celebrated his birthday last week, and who’s also got married Saturday – WOOHOO…CONGRATS and all the best in the next chapter of your life) and Laxmi Rama (who also celebrated her 40th birthday last Friday).  THANK YOU ALL .

So, another great serve-out. Until next time… take care and lotsa love…