Food for Life KwaMashu

During the first week of May, Food for Life KwaMashu kept busy by preparing freshly cooked homemade meals for hundreds of needy people in the community.

On 4 May nutritious, wholesome meals were distributed to over 400 patrons of KwaMashu Sections D, E and F.

On 5 May 500 underprivileged residents of the different sections of KwaMashu were served a hot plate of vegetarian breyani.

This project relies primarily on donations and the generous support of sponsors. You too can partner with us in alleviating poverty and helping to create a hunger free South African nation. Please feel free to contact the Foodforlife KwaMashu team by contacting Arkeev Gareeb on 0826786356 or and Ash Mohan on 0836762246 or should you wish to participate in this project.