22 October 2020

On the 22nd of October, Food for Life KwaMashu made its way to Newtown, Inanda to feed around 200 destitute women and children. What we found can be simply put as ‘the poor looking after the poor’. We are indeed grateful to our kind Lord that we had the opportunity to respond to their needs, especially in these financially depressed times. We also feel grateful to you, our blessed friends and supporters for your kindness to our cause.
Food for Life KwaMashu is completely non-profit as you know.

This project relies primarily on donations and the generous support of sponsors. You too can partner with us in alleviating poverty and helping to create a hunger free South African nation. Please feel free to contact the Foodforlife KwaMashu team by contacting Arkeev Gareeb on 0826786356 or arkeev.gareeb@fflsa.org and Ash Mohan on 0836762246 or kwamashu@fflsa.org should you wish to participate in this project.