About Us

MISSION STATEMENT: To eradicate hunger and malnutrition in South Africa.

FOOD FOR LIFE is a nonsectarian and non-discriminating organization that respects all religions and cultural traditions and has volunteers from all religious and racial backgrounds who are involved in programs all over the world.

FOOD FOR LIFE SA is affiliated to Food For Life Global, which is the world’s largest vegan/vegetarian food relief programme serving over a million plates of cooked meals a day and is funded mainly by member donations and corporate grants.

FOOD FOR LIFE SA currently distributes approximately 15 000 plates of food per day nationally.

FOOD FOR LIFE SA recently obtained section18a status with SARS allowing a tax rebate on donations.

Food for Life: Company Profile

In its purest form, food has the innate ability to break down barriers and heal body, mind and soul. Food for Life therefore serves only the purest of food—food that is prepared with love and served with love. Furthermore, recognizing that the ultimate solution to the problem of hunger is the elimination of poverty, Food for Life not only provides direct food distribution services, but also addresses, through its affiliated programs, diverse but related issues such as education,  environmental health and sustainability, and health care.

More specifically, the objectives of Food for Life are the following:

  • To eradicate hunger and malnutrition by providing free vegetarian meals to the disadvantaged and poverty stricken within South Africa.
  • To provide hunger relief to victims of disaster (natural or manmade) anywhere in South Africa or internationally
  • To coordinate emergency relief efforts in South Africa.
  • To bring about peace and prosperity in the South Africa through creating a hunger free society
  • To create sustainable Food for Life supply projects that empower the poverty stricken and disadvantaged people of South Africa to earn a livelihood
  • To establish Food for Life Education centers throughout South Africa. These centers will provide free or inexpensive vegetarian meals and food education and living skills training as taught in the Vedic tradition.
  • To establish Rural Academies for Youth, through which people are trained in sustainable agriculture.

To co-ordinate and expand the distribution of sanctified vegan/vegetarian meals all over South Africa.
To provide nutritional support to community-based clinics, hospital outpatients, hospices, community crèches, shelters for the unemployed, and street children, orphanages and schools where there is a need.
To provide nutritional support to HIV/AIDS related support programmes, especially for children and HIV/AIDS orphans.
To network with government organizations and other organizations who share the mission to facilitate the progress of Food for Life.
To engage in fund raising drives to facilitate the mission of Food for Life via: Eliciting donations from businesses, the public and individuals,

– Seeking grants from governmental and non-governmental organizations, both  locally and internationally
– Raising funds for emergency relief efforts
– To establish and develop sustainable Food for Life projects through business endeavors/ enterprises


Food for Life’s mission flows from the following core values:

Charity: giving generously to those less fortunate
Respect: afford respect to all, irrespective of race, creed or class
Honesty/ Integrity: to serve with transparency
Hospitality: act with warmth, grace and kindness in all services undertaken
Compassion: act with care, tenderness and love at all times
Purity: prepare and distribute food with purity of spirit, mind and body
Quality : maintain the highest standards in the preparation and distribution of food

In view of the above the services will therefore be provided without discrimination in respect of race, creed, color, religion, sex, community, or nationality.

To become the leading humanitarian organisation in the country by creating a hunger free society in South Africa through free food distribution, driven by principles of integrity and purity.