Fifi Spa Feeding – 6 August 2013

Fifi, originally from Thailand, now resides in South Africa, and owns a SPA in Chatsworth Centre – Wagwanadee Thai Spa.

She wanted to do something for her birthday and selected the feeding option by Food for Life.  She sponsored about 600 plates of food which were distributed on 6 August 2013 in the Durban Beachfront area.

The cooking and distribution was undertaken by Laxminath Prabhu, a stalwart member of Food for Life.  Several places in the city were visited especially those areas where the indigent and homeless are found.  In this experience, it was clear that there were no racial barriers.  What was evident was the desperation of the people without homes, clothes, food who came forward to
accept a plate of food.

Driving through the grey, dull side roads, passing by dark and dank alleyways, a surreal atmosphere, like a black and white movie,

seemingly forgotten by the authorities.  The roads are dotted by pubs, clubs, hair salons and shelters, and the occasional shop converted to a church, where the unemployed and idle lean against the walls, and some drunks lie lazily on the pavements.  Laxminath stops and announces on his microphone – “Whoever is hungry, there is some hot food for you – please form a queue!

Suddenly people unfold from their inertia, and a queue of eager people line up. The smile of thanks on their faces hiding for a moment their visibly harrowed lives. There is an obvious moment where the server connects with the served – a filling of a plate, the passing over to the eagerly outstretched hands of adults and children alike.  Some dance to the music, others grin, some run up and ask for another plate for a friend who is disabled, or a wife sitting a distance away.

Fifi and her husband, are enthralled and touched to be part of theservice. “Next time round I will serve for the entire day”.  She is excited to have her birthday wish fulfilled.

Driving up to a set of decrepit flats, our heartstrings were further tugged by the children who came hurrying down the stairs with their
pots and lunch boxes, indicating that these should be filled.  The serving being completed, we drove back home, quietly reflecting on the morning’s experience. This is no ordinary service that Food for Life is doing. We have made new friends, we have filled bellies with hot food and at least for a while helped people endure their physical discomforts – but for more than food for the stomach, it is the food for the soul.

Do you wish to spend a fulfilled birthday feeding the hungry?  Reach us at Food for Life – details below.

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