Nyanga district

This week, we were joined by Food For Life Cape Town’s stalwart, Vraj in our feeding initiative in the Nyanga district.  It was an ecstatic start when Vraj kindly and expertly cooked the sumptuous food.  It was absolutely heartening when a large party of volunteers joined us to distribute the food.  The team included Sanchia Ramparsad, Kabheer Singh, Mrs Gihwala, Mrs Luckhoo, Mother Saraswati Devi, Anna Isaacs, Damodhar Muhayimana, Vraja Krsna Das, Ryan Dantu, Sveta Manjari, Driti Gihwala, Nilesh Luckhoo, Rob, Naynesh Deva, Jason Finlay, Kim Tulip-Finlay, Tulasi and Arjuna Finlay.

Nyanga in Xhosa means ‘Moon’.  It is one of the oldest townships in Cape Town, and is one of the poorest and most dangerous areas. In spite of this, FFL CT has been visiting here for years, and we are ALWAYS greeted with beaming smiles and gleeful shouts of joy from the kids.

Yet again, I would like to endorse our thanks to Mother Funeka for co-ordinating and helping organizing the children.