Madiba commemoration program

Food for life SA , Took the challenge today to collectively distribute 20 000 plates of hot meals to underprivledged members of our diverse community as a part of the 67 mins Madiba commemoration program . Many regions folded up their sleeves an set out at 4.00 am to prepare the meals .

The Western region Team rose to the challenge and our enthusiastic team met at the crack of dawn and prepared approx 400 plates of Biryani and served to the local residents of informal settlement of Marianhill . The Meals were relishing and the smiles on the faces of the local people confirmed the success of the endeavor as well as underpinned Madiba’s aspiration of creating a Nation where genuine repect , love , sharing and caring for the residents of SA existed as a dynamic and unifying force .

Well done again Team
Your big heartedness on this day has made people happy .. Keep up the good work .