After serving 11750 plates of free meals in the Women’s month, the Kwa- Dukuza Food for Life team went on a mission to beat the previous months score.
They started distributing 1000 plates at the Zamani Township on 2nd September 2014, volunteer Prem Arjun assisted in preparing, distributing and transporting the food to the site. A regular volunteer at the Food for Life kitchen,he had praised our organization and promised he will make himself available at any time to assist us.

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The next day 3rd September 2014, 1000 plates were prepared by Babu and collected by our weekly volunteer to take to the Etete area.

On the 9th of September 2014 the Pillay family and friends picked up meals and served to the Groutville area were 1000 plates were served again. The next day 10th September 2014 Babu and Preshen Singh delivered 1000 plates to Steve Biko Township and on the 15th of September 2014 another 1000 plates was served at Zamani Township.

The following day 16th September 2014, 1000 plates were collected by the Pillay family and served at the Tinley Manor Primary School. On the 17th of September 2014 a 1000 plates of meals was delivered to the Zamani Township by Prashen, Vusi and Babu.

On the 20th of September 2014 a total amount of 3250 plates of free meals were prepared. 250 plates were served at Bangladesh in Gledhow by Paul and friends.1250 plates were served by the Pillay family together with friends at the Groutville area, another 1750 plates were served between Zamani and Steve Biko Township by the Rajkumar family and the Daya family, also accompanied by the Sampath family. The volunteers were as follows: Shamir, Jugdesh, Preshen, Yajna, Nishana, Aditi, Manorie Pillay, Sharvan, Nirvana, Sham Pillay, Nine Govender , Shakeel and Daya Moodley, Priscilla Moodley and Sathiya

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A volunteer Gopaul Govender at the age of 62 years old celebrated his birthday with us. Babu dedicated this day to his daughter Yajna Sampath who turns ten on Heritage Day. Yajna also together with her cousin prepared two pots for the feeding. Preshen, Vinod and Jugdesh went out to put up banners to plead for donations for our feeding on the 11th of October 2014, in which we plan to cook 60 pots and feed 15 000 children . We urge anybody who can help us financially to please phone 032 – 552 4232 to help us for this day which will cost us R75 000.

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On the 22nd of September 2014 Babu prepared 1000 plates of food which was distributed by Mr. and Mrs. Soni (the sponsor for this day) Zaff Khan, Mick, Vinod, Vinesh & son and all volunteers were very excited during the distribution at Zamani Township.


On the 25th of September 2014 reporters from the local papers from Ballito (Bianca from the courier) and KwaDukuza accompanied Babu for the distribution of 1000 plates at Zamani Township. For the month of spring a total number of 12250 plates of food were served. Our goal for October is to serve an excess of 25000 plates. “Our hearts may blossom with good feelings like the spring flowers”