This weekend, Food for Life Cape Town had 2 teams: the first team went to Phillipi, and the second team, headed by Food for Life stalwarts Vraj and Lee-Ann went to their old haunt Nyanga. Mother Funeka and the kids in Nyanga were overjoyed to have Vraj and Lee-Ann visiting after such a long time, and they joyfully danced away, savouring the music and food.

In Phillipi, the locals (and Mama Rose) were happy to see us, and many of the kids played around us, enjoying the food, juice and fruit which we provided. One gentleman was staring at us for a while, and when I asked if he was ok, he asked ‘Where’s the music?’, obviously missing Perez’s singing.

BIG thanks to our lovely family of volunteers: Terushka, Saraswati, Neela and Michael (Phillipi team), as well as the AWESOME Vraj, Lee-Ann, Tracey (and baby), Lameez and Thando (Nyanga team). Thanks also to our community liaisons Mother Funeka and Mama Rose, as well as Bjon for donating the delicious apples and pears.

If you’d like to be part of our family, please don’t hesitate to join us