This past weekend Food for Life Cape Town visited Overcome Heights (near Muizenberg). Mymoena Scholtz, once again, kindly made arrangements for us with volunteers from the area. We promised Mymoena we would increase our feedings…and we made good on this promise…cooks Damodhar and Nilesh prepared 500 delicious vegetarian meals, and we set off with a cheerful group of volunteers: Rob, Sasha, Travis, Khabeer, Rajesh and Heena – hats off to them for being so chirpy despite the …wet, freezing weather. We were also assisted by Mymoena and her hubby Anwar, as well as local community co-ordinators Fozie and Nick.

Despite us increasing from 150 to 500 plates, Mymoena’s hoping we can increase our feedings even more, as soon as possible. Her appeals rang true for us, and we felt the urgency of her plea…this is what one volunteer said: “…there were tears in my eyes when I witnessed two little kids sprinting to us from a distance, desperate to get some food…as if they wouldn’t get another chance to eat again…”

We don’t realise just HOW desperate the situation is…Food for Life Cape Town’s vision is to increase feedings from 150 to 500, and 6 months from now to 1000 per week. Please, PLEASE help us, in whatever way you can