Seeds of Unity

Food for Life Western Team featured strongly yesterday at ” Seeds of Unity ”  Interfaith Conference yesterday at UKZN . Many presentations ,Spiritual Perceptions and  Unity based Ideals were showcased from across the very diverse Spiritual faiths and the final presentation was an Audio Visual presentation by the Western team which had seemed to have really enthused and inspired the delegates . Many  Spiritual leaders met with me personally and complimented the sterling work executed with so much of love and care by FFLSA .  It is  really inspiring to note that FFLSA has such a tangible service to offer to Society as our  free food distribution program  to the needy  and the poor does indeed really and truly underpin and supports the efforts of all other great humanitarian organizations .

Well done to our Team , who were kind enough to sacrifice their family time on Sunday  to make this effort – The meals for 200 people  were especially prepared to cater for a broader group of diversified  patrons and the prep received a big  thumbs up from our patrons .  Thank you dear sponsors – You make it possible !