Currently in Stanger we are serving 1000 plates a week. Should the funds allow us, we serve more on certain weeks.

On May 29th we served 1000 plates to the Steve Biko Township with our driver Rinesh and his assistant.

We also work with the local Stanger Child Welfare, they pick up food from us when the need arises and serve to the under privileged communities.


On June 2nd Bongani from the Stanger child welfare picked up food from us and distributed a1000 plates to the Charlotte Dale area.

On June 10th one of our contractors together with his assistant distributed food at the Steve Biko Township whereby a total number of 1000 plates were served.

On June 19th a 1000 plates of food was prepared and distributed at the Zamani Township by Babu Sampath and Harry Mahdey. All meals were cooked by Babu Sampath.

At present our next project is to serve 10000 plates on Mandela day. We should be able to give confirmation  in two weeks time on this as we are awaiting funds, volunteers and areas to feed on that day. Anybody willing to assist us for this project must please contact Babu on 0824493879 or Harry on 0828293880. We hope that we will continue to fulfill the goals of Food for Life as the year progresses.