This weekend, Food for Life Cape Town visited Khayamandi. Our resident chef Nilesh recently acquired a recipe for Biryani and was very keen to try it out. As expected, it was AWESOME. He was helped by Rajesh and Michael. We set out for Stellenbosch late morning, picked up our mates and headed off to Khayamandi. The first spot we went to, the locals were somewhat hesitant to take our food. At the next spot we went to (which we’d visited previously), the residents were already familiar with us and swarmed to us. We had good food, good music and dancing, happy smiley faces and full bellies – we love spreading the love.
Thanks to Nilesh for passionately cooking up a DELICIOUS biryani and dhal dish, assisted by Michael and Rajesh, Thanks to our volunteers who joined in the feeding: Vasanthi, Saraswati, Michael, Travis, Rob, Neela, Zara, Nina and Geely. Also, thanks to our Stellenbosch buddies Cronje, Axl, Ramaanandini, and a few others whose names I’m not familiar with.

So, another happy feeding. Next weekend Food For Life Cape Town takes a break from feeding, as there’s wedding bells in the air. Naynesh , One of Food For Life Cape Towns most treasured volunteers, will be tying the knot and we wish him all the best. We will resume again 13th September.
Take care all you lovely people.